Safari FAQ

What if I want a custom safari?
The Zazu Tours team would be delighted to work with you to help you and your family, friends or organization build the best possible Africa safari to match your interests and budget. We can organize custom safaris for professional photographers, honeymoon couples and families. Simply ask us! need help?

YES!  Zazu Tours  has a personal understanding and deep commitment to meeting the special needs of families.  Our trips are well suited for children. We have designed our unique family safari programs to allow you and your children to experience the wonders of Africa together. Please outline your particular family interests, so that we can incorporate them.  You and your family will have a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of cultural diversity, discover the many miracles of nature, and at the same time play, laugh, and enjoy the pleasure of one another.

Will I stay in tents or lodges?
Our safaris offer a wide array of safari styles to suit your interests and budget. Please scroll the website for a description of the different types of accommodation available.

What is the average size of a safari group?
Small. Our scheduled safaris vary in size depending on the nature of the safari. In general, we keep our groups small (minimum 1 to 5 people, and occasionally up to an absolute maximum of 15).  We feel strongly that the small size allows a more intimate connection with the African wilderness.

What clothes should I bring on safari?

Pack lightweight, washable clothes, plus a sweater for early morning game drives; a sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen are strongly advisable as well. Long sleeves and trousers in light-colored fabrics help discourage insect bites. Modest length shorts for women are perfectly acceptable, but women should carry a wrap to cover their legs in rural villages and towns, since clothes that are too revealing can cause offence especially in Zanzibar and in Muslim dominated areas.  On the beach and within the confines of beach hotels, normal swimwear (but not nudity) is acceptable.

Safari dress is basically comfortable and casual – layers are recommended. Keep it simple and bring things you don’t mind getting dusty. We have included several web links to guide you in your preparation.

What food can I expect on safari?
You will be pleasantly surprised by both the quality and the variety of the food available on safari. In most lodges, meals are served buffet-style, so you can choose what you like. The food is generally prepared according to western tastes, with some curries and local cuisine included. If you choose a camping safari, fresh meat and produce is prepared to the highest sanitary standards by our team expert chefs.  Indeed, most returning guests rave about our camp food!  Request for local food is certainly welcome.  Your guide and chef will generally purchase all the food before the safari starts, so get your orders in on time!

Can special dietary requirements be accommodated?
Special dietary requirements such as vegetarian or diabetic meals can easily be arranged with advance notice. If you are vegetarian or vegan you may wish to bring along some alternative protein sources. If you have multiple food allergies, you will definitely want to bring along supplemental snacks. It is important we know of any possible dietary restrictions as soon as possible.

Is it OK to drink the tap water?
We provide two liters of bottled water per day for each client, and you can purchase more bottled water at all the lodges and camps or before the Safari.  Overall, we recommend you consume only bottled water.

What vaccinations should I have?
For medical Travel tip it is always best to consult your doctor or travel clinic well in advance of your departure. The minimum requirements for entry into Tanzania are proof of a yellow fever vaccination and an anti-malarial medication. Bear in mind that you will be staying in camps and lodges oriented to meet the needs of North American and European guests.

What if the safari jeep breaks en route?

Zazu Tours is responsible for sending a rescue vehicle(s) within 4 to 5 hours (depending on your location) upon receiving notification of a vehicle breakdown. The vehicle shall be replaced and compensation awarded by way of additional time allotment (extra half day or full day), or a refund of up to 30% of a full day tour deducted from the total daily tour cost.

If necessary, an emergency evacuation can be arranged by €œflying doctors€ (included in the trip package, on your request), or a simple transfer to nearby Hotel or lodge for accommodation and catering services.