About Zazu Tours & Safaris

Zazu Adventures is one of Tanzania’s leaders in offering a wide range of safaris and adventure travels.

Africa is by far the world’s most unique continent, still holding its most natural beauty. Incredible vast plains, uncountable wildlife, astonishing lakes and waterfalls, unbelievable beaches and ocean views, only a fraction of what Africa has to offer! Our professional and knowledgeable staff will help you explore and discover Africa’s remarkable nature.

Our passion expands beyond nature’s glory to what gives this continent its true character, the people of Africa. Zazu Adventures is also currently partnered with a local orphanage and development center to help ensure that the children that will build Africa’s future are properly nurtured and given all opportunities possible. Our guests can return home knowing that by having embarked on this wonderful journey, they’ve also contributed to the proper growth and development of Africa’s future.

Journeys with Zazu Tours & Safaris guarantees that your mornings will be outstanding and your evenings magnificent, leaving you mesmerized by Africa’s true beauty. Not wanting to leave us, you will eventually depart, but with wonderful, unforgettable memories.

Exploring inspiring nature, conquering incredible mountains, enjoying breathtaking coasts and discovering exotic cultures, Zazu Tours & Safaris promises to help you truly “Experience the Spirit of Africa”.

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